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I am a Conduit for The Kaleideron, the Divine River of Healing Entities

I am a direct receiver of information, knowledge, suggestions and energies from a Kaleidoscopic stream of benevolent guides who work tirelessly to bring spiritual assistance to all universes and dimensions.  These pure, high-vibration entities offer insights and energies intended for your healing, growth and evolution.

The Path that Led Me Here

I have always been fascinated with what is beneath the surface, beyond what the eyes could see… the mystical, the magical, the miraculous.  
Throughout my life and journey, I have been tremendously blessed to have received profound guidance and tools and teachings from incredible teachers.  It is my humble wish that I may share with you the spiritual gifts I have been given, in service to your growth, healing and evolution.


My consuming curiosity about the nature of life led me to the pursuit of spiritual answers in a material world.  When a copy of the Autobiography of a Yogi was gifted to me, my imagination was lit ablaze to learn of the profound and fantastical journey and experiences Paramahansa Yogananda had on his pursuit of enlightenment.  I, too, wanted to have those experiences.


Soon after, I was introduced to an Indian guru just making his way to the United States, and felt I found the Master who would take me on my own spiritual journey.  For five years, I was a devoted follower, participating or volunteering in every program he offered in the USA.  I also spent time at his ashram in India, and seriously considered becoming a bramacharya (spiritual renunciate).  
I was a faithful practitioner, and I loved devoting myself fully to the spiritual pursuit of enlightenment, but something was missing.  I realized I wanted to be in the material world, experiencing it in all its full dimensions — not secluded within the walls of a holy center.
My search for spiritual truth continued in Taiwan, my birth country.  There, I met my next Master, whose traditions were quite different from the Indian guru.  I was absolutely enthralled by the mystical elements it offered.


I witnessed and experienced him infusing inanimate objects with distinct energies, telling clients of intimate and specific details no one else in the world knew, taking away the flavor in food with a wave of his hand, having a direct line of communication with entities, deities and spirits, who would tell him about people, places and events with startling accuracy.  This was the magic I was thirsting for.
It was here that I was trained in ancient methods of intuitive divination and spiritual counseling for five years.  As a full-time volunteer, I offered readings for people from all walks of life in Taiwan, and helped spread this service to France, Italy and Belgium.  I was surprised, thrilled and honored to find that I could offer the gift of spiritual sight to people who were seeking spiritual counsel and advice.


This was an incredible and indescribable otherworldly experience that opened my eyes to so much beyond what is on the surface in the world around us.  After some time, however, I realized I wanted to shift focus from unveiling the magic in the world around me, to cultivating the richness of the world within myself.
I continued to study briefly with other Masters in Taiwan, one a Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche and the other a Buddhist Chan (Zen) Master.  But after two long-term, devoted, life-consuming experiences with the Indian guru and the Taiwanese Taoist-Buddhist Master Seer, I felt I needed to follow the spiritual path on my own, without a teacher.
With the Indian guru, I enhanced and purified my energetic body; with the Taiwanese Master, I honed my intuitive-psychic abilities. 

Even after these two wholly intensive spiritual odysseys, it was clear that my inner landscape still needed deep healing. I became committed to resolve and heal the emotional trauma and wounds that I still carried deep within me, and that colored my experience of and reaction to the world.​

Even though I was not seeking another spiritual teacher at this point, the Divine provided me with the most blessed gift of one who was exactly what I needed to guide me through the deep emotional and spiritual healing I desired — one who is a most beautiful avatar of divine love on this planet.  

In this process, I am learning how to create beauty within myself, so I may create beauty outside of myself.  I am learning how we perceive and engage with the world depends on how clear our perception is within ourselves — and especially about ourselves.  I am learning the nature of how we impact the world depends on how much love is the driving force for our actions.


It is my goal and aim to be in service to you to help you find deeper, clearer understandings about the challenges and situations you are facing in your life: 
To help offer potential pathways to the highest and best development for your life. 
To offer insights that can help you make the highest and best decisions as you move through transition points. 
To offer true friendship and love to you, which is critically precious and powerful in this moment in time, on our planet.

It is my sincere hope that I may be in service to you, as a pure conduit guided by love, to bring more love, light, upliftment and evolution to your life.


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