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Happy Eclipse Day

Apr 8, 2024

Hello, happy eclipse day! 🌘🪐✨ I would love to share the real-time messages I received about the eclipse today, as the eclipse was happening. I channel insights from a constellation of higher dimensional guides (The Kaleideron) for individuals and the collective. Hope this is helpful for those who are interested. Much love! 🩷✨

1 - Shows humanity a real-world example of the process we are undergoing as a species: progression into darkness (current placement), and eventually over time, back into the light (in the future). This understanding of our natural cyclical process as a species is imprinted in deep layers of our consciousness through this natural event. 🌀

2 - An opportunity for humanity to experience unity around a spectacular natural phenomenon and remind us of (small) place in the cosmos. 🌠

3 - Follow the light. Follow the glimpses and guidance towards light that appear in your daily life. This will lead you into realms of goodness in your life. ✨

4 - Activating, awakening energies to reconnect us to the natural world, the divine, the land, the people around you. 🔥

Year of the Dragon 🐉 Forecast from The Kaleideron

Mar 6, 2024

Year of the Dragon 🐉 Forecast from The Kaleideron :::>

1 - Explosive energy for new ventures 💥
2 - Ability to connect the dots in your life 🔗
3 - Help pulling out heavy energies in you so that you can more easily reach your goals. ❤️‍🔥 🚀

👁️ Watch the video for important details on each theme. It’s a very potent, fiery, powerful year 🔥, filled with ripe potential to activate new beginnings. ✨

🌟 We can dive into what this means for you personally and how to optimize each opportunity for you. 💖

👉 Find us at a group event, online event, 1:1 sessions or join the new membership program launching soooon!

First Kaleideron Event at Eco Baja Nomads Hotel

Feb 15, 2024

Todos Santos is one of my favorite spots in the world. It’s magical, potent and still largely unpopulated with miles of pristine coastline. 🌊🌵🌸

It’s very exciting to host my first Kaleideron event here at beautiful eco hotel @bajanomadshotel on Saturday, February 17.

We will take an intuitive dive into the Year of the Dragon 🐉, which is ripe with new beginnings, and see what is ready to be activated for each person who attends. 💫✨

Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Kaleideron 💘💕


🩷✨ Being single can be a beautiful thing. If it’s with the intention of self-love, self-nourishment, self development, it can be the most beautiful & precious relationship we can have. ❤️🥰💫

Interview with Shiroko Sokitch, MD, Heart to Heart Medical Center

May 29, 2023

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, founder of Heart to Heart Medical Center, interviewed The Kaleideron about how working with The Kaleideron can help improve & optimize your overall health & well-being, physically, emotionally & spiritually.


  • What is The Kaleideron?

  • How can The Kaleideron help with someone with health & well-being?

  • Dr. Sokitch asks The Kaleideron specific questions about a couple of her patients.

  • The Kaleideron shares an important tip for Dr. Sokitch's patients to improve their health.

  • Dr. Sokitch shares her definition of true health and how The Kaleideron can support this goal.

IG Live Q&A ~ Should I move to a new geographic location?

October 10, 2021

In this exchange with Pleasure Eating Coach Lacou Flipse, we discovered that her draw to move to a new place was actually a manifestation of a deeper longing within her soul — a call to unearth more facets of her purpose and work on this planet, specifically connected to working with communities.


Questions that appear to be pragmatic can often be vehicles to unveil and elucidate deeper movements within our being. 

Please join us at an upcoming event and uncover more of your soul’s longings.  IG: @kaleideron

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