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Energetic Legacies

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Greetings from The Kaleideron!

Recently, a client came to the Kaleideron with a question about fatherhood. He and his wife were expecting their first baby, and he wanted to know how he could prepare for being a parent, and how he could be a good father for his child.

What the Kaleideron showed me is how he tends to worry in life. The image signaled to me that this worry energy is what he would be imparting to his child, on the unseen energetic level. This would be the energetic legacy that he would pass on to his child.

The advice to him was, first, to be aware that this phenomenon will be happening — that his ingrained behavior of worrying about things, and the energy this behavior transmits, will affect his child’s psychological and emotional development.

Once he is aware of this phenomenon, the next step is to do inner work to shift and transform this behavior. This is the more difficult part, for all of us. Once aware of behavior, how do we make the shift and change it into a more positive, productive behavior and energetic state? This part usually requires intensive self-observation and self-discipline, to change the pattern. It often greatly helps if there is a therapist, guide or teacher to assist the person to truly make that inner shift.

If he doesn’t shift the pattern, then he will pass on this energetic imprint to his child. And indeed, he himself received energetic legacies from his parents (as we all do), that likely led to his own worry behavioral pattern. For him specifically, he received strong negative energetic legacies from his mother, which shaped his mental and emotional landscape that he now operates from in adulthood. If he doesn’t break the pattern, he will then pass it on to his next generation.

This concept of energetic legacies is a very important one to consider in parenting and human development. Child development experts, and parents, usually focus on developing tangible skills: play your baby Mozart while in the womb to enhance its intelligence; make sure your child gets into good schools to ensure they get a good education; enlist your child in extracurricular activities to develop a well-rounded character for them.

Yet foundational and highly influential developmental factors for children are the energetic imprints and legacies they receive from their parents. These legacies will determine if your child has self-confidence and self-love; if they judge themselves; if they believe in themselves; if they view the world as a safe or dangerous place; if they have an ingrained sense of worry or fear as they move through the world. Depending on if the energetic legacy is positive or negative, determines if your child will flourish and expand, or be blocked and contracted, in specific areas of their psychological and emotional states.

The psychological and emotional states in each of us determine whether we have the inner tools to move forward in life and achieve our goals, or if we will face inner blocks to attaining the life we desire. They are the blueprint upon which we build our lives. If the blueprint is positive, we have a strong foundation to build a beautiful life. If the blueprint is negative, the foundation is shaky in some sections, and it becomes challenging to build the life we want — until, and unless, we go in and repair the unstable places in our energetic foundation.

How you as a parent exist in the world energetically models to your children how they should be in the world. Your fears will be transferred to your child, and become their fears. Your doubt, anger, anxiety, etc. will be transferred to your children as energetic legacies. The energy field and energetic patterns you emanate are what your children are immersed in, and they will be influenced and shaped by the qualities in the energy field. You are unconsciously providing the energetic mold that your children are shaped by.

If you truly want to be the best parent possible, then it will be beneficial to do the challenging work of identifying your own negative energetic patterns, and to dig deep and transform those patterns. The more joy, positivity, encouragement and love you can infuse your children with, both energetically and tangibly, the better your children will be set up to be confident, balanced, mature and capable humans. This is the most effective legacy you can provide your children, no matter your socioeconomic position. If you want to be the best parent you can be, it’s recommended you do the inner work, and impart the most positive energetic legacy you can to your children.

I hope that these ideas and concepts can be helpful and supportive to you on your own path of healing, growth and evolution. Sending you much warmth and love, always!


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