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Deep insights, clarity & guidance to support your highest development in all areas of life.

Channeled from higher dimensional sources.

Pave the way towards your best & highest future possibilities and life path.


What is The Kaleideron?

The Kaleideron is a vast collective of higher dimensional guides who offer deep insights, clarity & guidance to support your highest development in all areas of your life. 

What can I ask about in the sessions?

You may ask about any aspect of your life: career/life purpose, job situations, love & relationships, health, projects, home, travel, creativity, etc.  Anything in your life that you are seeking more insight & guidance on, from a spiritual perspective.

What kind of insight & guidance & support might I receive?

  • Next steps in: love and relationships, career and money, spiritual progress and personal evolution.

  • Practical how-to's to help you move beyond your blocks.

  • Identify core issues underlying life situations.

  • Distill seemingly overwhelming challenges into simple, approachable solutions.

  • Clarify areas of confusion.

How is working with The Kaleideron different from working with a coach?

In addition to traditional coaching methods that work with transforming human behaviors, emotions & attitudes in 3D reality, The Kaleideron spiritual intuitive coaching sessions offer insights and guidance specific to your soul beyond everyday human perception — from a higher dimensional perspective — geared towards attaining your highest potential in this life, in all areas of your life.

Is The Kaleideron connected to the Akashic records?

The guides of The Kaleideron can access an energetic library of information that contains the details of your soul and its journey, known as the Akashic Records. It is a database of all knowledge, thoughts, events, and experiences that have ever occurred in the past, present, or future, in this universe.


The Kaleideron can also access "Akashic Records" in other universes and other dimensions beyond our own.

What are the benefits of working with The Kaleideron?

  • Illuminate potential pathways to the highest and best development for your life path. 

  • Provide insight to help you make the highest and best decisions as you move through transition points.

  • Reveal deeper, clearer understandings about the challenges and situations you are facing in your life. 

  • Infuse you with energies that directly heal and activate shifts in your being.

What are the additional benefits of working with The Kaleideron?

The Kaleideron infuses each session with potent energies that activate healing & transformational movement on the energetic level, which we call energetic alchemy.


These energies enhance and multiply the guides' work to facilitate your personal growth by providing the energetic support that allows you to heal and integrate new behaviors & perspectives more seamlessly. 


Sometimes these energies can directly activate shifts within yourself. Coupled with your sincere intention to heal & transform, spontaneous and miraculous shifts can occur internally, and sometimes externally, in your life.

What is the difference between a spiritual intuitive guide & a psychic?

The Kaleideron supports your sovereignty and choice and free will.  The intention is to offer helpful insights and guidance beyond everyday human perception that may exist in deeper layers of human consciousness or in higher dimensions — to guide you in the direction of your highest well-being, growth, happiness & healing.

The Kaleideron therefore does not provide predictive insights or portend future events.  We believe you have full agency to create the future as you desire, and intend to support you towards making choices, taking actions and doing inner healing work that paves the way towards the best & highest future possibilities possible.

Kaleideron Group Sessions

The Kaleideron is connecting with individuals and groups in many global locations, and is weaving a web of loving, kind, supportive humans who want to show up to heal, grow, transform and activate their highest potential.  

This deep & transformational work is best done within the loving field of a supportive community, who are committed to witness, encourage, support and love each other as we each go through our healing & transformational process. 

To know you are not alone in your journey, and that you are embraced by a loving, kind community is invaluable to providing a safe, uplifting container for your own progress to accelerate.  Doing the spiritual work alongside friends of the heart increases the effectiveness and success of your own spiritual & life goals.

For this reason, The Kaleideron is actively traveling to various locations around the world to find and connect like-hearted individuals to establish a global community, so we may do this most meaningful and challenging inner & outer work, together.

What happens in Kaleideron Group Sessions?

Within the container of a safe, supportive group environment, individuals can have an opportunity to work one at a time with The Kaleideron on a personal area of interest. As each person works with The Kaleideron, they are deeply witnessed and energetically supported by the group members. In addition, the group field is flooded with a pure, high vibration, potent, loving, supportive, healing & embracing energy generated from The Kaleideron to benefit all members of the group.


It is not required to ask a question to participate in a Kaleideron group sessions.  There can be many benefits in simply being present and open-hearted in group sessions.

What if I don't feel comfortable sharing or working in a group situation?

We understand it's a vulnerable process to share personal situations & challenges in front of others.  While the benefits of doing personal work within a group context are significant, not everyone will gravitate towards working in this way.  For these individuals, one-on-one sessions are recommended.

In addition, you can still gain benefit from joining a group session without asking a question or sharing personally in the group session.

What are the benefits of the group sessions?

  • Be witnessed and supported by kind, loving supportive group members.

  • Connect with others in deep, meaningful ways rarely experienced in daily life, even with those closest to us.

  • Learn from each other's life situations.

  • Benefit from the wisdom and guidance that The Kaleideron offers each person, thereby multiplying the personal takeaways from the experience.

What feedback have you received about the Kaleideron Group Sessions?

Feedback from Kaleideron Group Sessions has been enthusiastically positive!  Many people share that they could personally relate to what other people shared about, and gained valuable insight from the wisdom and guidance given to each person in the group sessions. It made them feel less alone in their own life experiences and more connected to each other on a human level.

We've seen new connections and friendships initiated from being in Kaleideron Group Sessions together, and existing friendships deepen from sharing the experience.

Sharings about Kaleideron Group Sessions

Maneesha shares about her experience after a group session in Competa, Spain

Lieuwke, organizer & host of Kaleideron events 
in Competa, Spain
shares her observations after 3 Kaleideron group sessions


Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, founder of Heart to Heart Medical Center, interviewed The Kaleideron about how working with The Kaleideron can help improve & optimize your overall health & well-being — physically, emotionally & spiritually.

rodion-kutsaiev-tras3_pvEic-unsplash 2.jpg


Rachael headshot.jpeg

Rachael Angelese

Shirley has a remarkable and impeccable gift. She spoke with such truth, calmness and grounding, and honed right into the heart of what I asked for. My session with her completely calmed and resolved my anxious thoughts around a massive creative project I am undertaking.


The information that came through her was precise and clear, and unfolded deeper layers that have helped me move forward with confidence and peace. She has an exceptional and obvious connection with the streams of Divine information coming through. I so look forward to having more sessions with Shirley, and highly recommend her!

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